Online Candle Making Course - 線上精油蠟燭課堂

“ 一次結合天然植物精油與蠟燭的體驗。”

“A session that combines hand poured candles and aromatherapeutic essential oil.”

***Video tutorial sample 視頻課樣本***


In this digital session, we introduce video tutorial suitable for all groups of people. Whether you are an inexperienced or a beginner, we make sure you will be able to learn and gain versatile understanding about the making of essential oil candle in a virtual way this time.

Online Essential Oil Candle Course session include :

Package of  1 recorded tutorial video  +  1 digital sheet of text tutorial + 6 digital sheets with visuals regarding   [introduction to essential oil candle and basic candle making tools]   + 14 essential oil blend candle recipes  + complete ingredient list and links (all ingredients are available to buy in Malaysia) + FREE 1 UK published [ The scented candle workshop] book + 4 digital sheets of candle photography references


線上香氛視頻課堂包含 :

1支已錄製視頻教程+1篇文字教程+ 6 篇圖文介紹精油蠟燭,蠟燭製作基本工具 + 14 種精油蠟燭調香配方籤 + 完整材料連結(所有材料可在馬來西亞購買) + 免費1本英國出版[ The scented candle workshop] +4篇蠟燭攝影分享圖文


Kindly  send us your receipt through IG / FB / EMAIL after payment made , we will proceed to send out your online course files through email within 24 hours. Let’s meet virtually this time .

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