Online Beginner Aromatherapy Course - 線上初階香氛課堂

“Come, let’s have fun with us in the world of aroma this time, will you ?”

“ 這一次,想帶你走進香氛的世界,好不?”

Video tutorial sample 視頻課樣本


:純植物精油無火擴香瓶課  reed diffuser session

:特調滾珠精油瓶課堂 aroma roll on session

:多用途植物精油噴霧  multifunctional essential oil spray mist session


Aromatherapy online session include

Package of  3 recorded tutorial videos +  1 digital sheet of  [introduction to 10 most popular essential oil and their benefits ] + 6 digital sheets of text tutorial  + 24 essential oil blending recipes  + complete ingredient links (available to purchase in Malaysia) +  1 certified essential oil home guide book

In this digital session, we introduce 3 tutorial videos suitable for all groups of people. Whether you are an inexperienced or a beginner, we make sure you will gain versatile understanding about basic aromatherapy and make use of these knowledge either in your daily or work life.  Let’s stay connected in scent by meeting virtually this time.


3支已錄製視頻教程+1篇文字介紹關於『十大最受歡迎精油及其功效』+ 6 篇文字教程 + 24 種精油調香文字配方籤 + 完整材料連結(所有材料可在馬來西亞購買) + 1本現代精油小百科(可用於日常,辦公,居家的精油手冊)

這一次的雲端線上課,工作間以簡潔易懂的拍攝手法,推出了三隻適合所有人群的教學視頻。讓對香氛有興趣的你(妳),無論是毫無經驗或初學者,都能輕鬆地在雲端學習與認識芳香療法,從而將所學知識用於生活,辦公,居家,日常等。這一次,我們相約在雲端見 。


Kindly  send us your receipt through IG / FB / EMAIL after payment made , we will proceed to send out your online course files through email within 24 hours.

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